What are the common failures of automatic mask machine

February 10, 2021
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What are the common failures of automatic mask machine

To deal with the common failure methods of automatic mask machine equipment.

  1、Check the power supply and air source

  For example, due to power supply problems, it will lead to problems such as burnt insurance, bad contact with the plug and low power supply; due to the abnormal opening of the air pump will lead to pneumatic parts can not open normally and other phenomena, so it is recommended that we should give priority to the verification of these conditions when the automatic mask machine fails.

  2、See if the position of the sensor is shifted

  Many of the failures of the automatic mask machine are often related to the location of the sensor, the equipment will inevitably produce vibration in the process of use, with the increase in the number of vibrations, the sensor may be loose and the location of the offset, when the location of the sensor offset will affect its inductivity and sensitivity, there will be warning signals and other conditions, remind everyone to regularly check and correct the location of the sensor, so as not to affect the normal use of equipment.

  3、Regular inspection of relays and other components

  If you do not pay attention to maintenance and overhaul for a long time, adhesion will occur, which will lead to abnormal electrical circuit, and the pressure adjustment spring of the throttle will also slip and loosen due to the vibration of the equipment, which will lead to abnormal work of the mask equipment, so we should carry out regular overhaul of the relay and pressure valve.

  1、Incoming embossing and cutting molding: put the roll material, three layers of non-woven fabric, a layer of spray fleece, knurling cutting once, knurling cutting molding out of the sample

  2、Welding ear wire: manual single point welding ear wire, four welding points for one mask, it takes about 6 seconds to complete the ear wire welding work of one mask.

  3、Pressing noseband bracket: install the noseband bracket on the sheet mask through the adhesive pressing device. Nose bracket: length: 9mm width: 5mm

  4、Folding and crimping forming: the right two sides open after the part of pressing together.

  Semi-automatic kn95 mask machine, also known as mask sheeting machine, is a semi-automatic production machine for multi-layer material flat mask finished products, which can use 1~5 layers of N95PP spunbond non-woven fabric and filter material, the whole machine is a line of semi-automatic operation from raw material feeding to nose line insertion, edge sealing and cutting finished products. This flat mask production machine has stable performance, high output and easy operation.

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