The main components of the mask machine

March 25, 2021

As we know the initial stage of the epidemic, medical supplies such as masks were in short supply, and many companies briefly transformed to produce masks. As domestic technology is updated and iterated, more and more OEMs are pursuing automation of machines, and mask machines are no exception.

  Why can Hongguan mask machine do the whole automatic management?

  1. Controller: The heart of the automatic mask machine is the core. The main command device that changes the resistance value in the circuit to control the starting, speed regulation, braking and reversing of the motor, and changes the wiring of the main or control circuit in a predetermined order.

  2. Robot: The heart of the automation program, just like a computer, which can accept people's command as well as run pre-programmed programs, and in principle acts mainly on the principle platform developed by artificial intelligence technology. In general, it is composed of a variety of devices such as actuators, driving devices, detection devices and control systems and complex machinery.

  3. servo motor: servo motor is the main responsible for controlling the operation of mechanical components in the servo system of the engine, subsidy motor indirect variable speed device.

  4. Solenoid valve: solenoid valve is mainly used to control the fluid automation infrastructure components, it is part of an actuator, usually mostly used in industrial control systems to adjust the direction of the medium, flow, speed and other parameters

  5. Industrial camera: It is generally installed on the machine assembly line instead of human eyes to make the corresponding measurement and judgment, converting the target into an image signal through digital image ingestion and then indirectly transmitting it to the special image processing system.

  The above is the hardware composition of the automatic mask machine, of course, a complete automatic mask machine also contains software, hardware is like our human hands and feet, just hands and feet is useless, but also need software, is our body reflects the nerve, issue instructions, tell us what to do next, then the automation software is the important command to issue instructions.

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