Industrial-Grade KF94 Mask Making Machine

If you're on the lookout for a professional-quality KF94 Mask Making Machine, you're in the right place! We produce fully automated machines with industrial-level specs to help businesses automate and scale their mask-making processes. Our machines are fully operational with just one person so you can greatly cut down on the number of people needed to produce the same number of KF94 masks. This machine can produce the fish mouth type masks with custom sizes and appearances so you can achieve the specific looks your customers want.

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Fully Automatic KF94 Mask Making Machine Specs

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Machine Weight980kgs
Machine MaterialAluminum alloy / steel
Language SystemChinese, English,
Korean and 10 more Languages
Total Electric Consumption13KW



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PLC touch screen control

Adopt computer PLC programming control, servo drive, high degree of automation, multiple language system, one key switch, one person can operate more than one machine
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Ultrasonic embossed stitching

Optional fabric deflection system, automatic alignment and deflection, no manual debugging, so that the equipment in high-speed operation, more stable
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Integral folio plate

Folding plate with integral design, easy to adjust, as well as trouble shooting can be quickly recovered
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Four-page flip mechanism

Sheet metal forming + stepper-driven flip mechanism with four-page flip to increase flip speed and improve production efficiency
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Internal folding ear device

Adopting cold-pressing folding ear structure, the outer ear band of the mask is folded into the inner ear by rolling, which is convenient for independent packaging and application with packaging machine, the folding ear effect is beautiful and stable.
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Raw Materials Reference

Suitable for Mask Layers3 or 4 Layers
Outer White
Non-woven Fabric
1. Width: Abouot 265mm
2. Out Diameter: Maximum Φ600mm
3. Inner Diameter: Φ75mm or 3 Inch
The Second Layer
White Melt-blown Non-woven Fabric
1. Width: About 265mm
2. Outer Diam: Maxiumu Φ600mm
3. Inner Diam: Φ75mm or 3 Inch
Third Layer of Hot Air Cotton1. Width: About 265mm
2, Outer Diam: Maximum Φ600mm
3. Inner Diam: Φ75mm or 3 Inch
The Fourth Inner Layer is Non-woven1. Width: About 265mm
2. Outer Diam: Maximum Φ600mm
3, Inner Diam: Φ75mm or 3 Inch
Nose Bridge Bar1. Out Diam: Maximum Φ350mm
2. Inner Diam: Larger Than Φ120mm or 5 Inch
Note: Plastic Containing Iron Wire is Recommended
Elastic Ear-Loop1. Outer Diam: Maximum Φ200mm
2. Inner Diam: Larger Than Φ10mm
Remark: The Breaking Strength is Not less Than 10N

Brands We Are Using To Achieve Best Performance

Some brands of machine parts we use
Xinje Servo Motor
HIWIN Guide Rail
AirTAC Cylinder
CHNT AC Contactor

150 Sets Machine in Stock

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Customized Service We Can oFFER 

Customized Knife Roller

Our machine can customize knife roller to make masks of different specifications, such as KN94 Mask, N94 Mask , adult and child size. You can add the company's BRAND LOGO, CE MARK or other contact information on the mask.

Provide Customized Packing Solution to Help Customers Save Transportation Cost

According to the different transportation needs of customers, we provide the most optimized customized packaging solutions. For air-freight orders, reduce the packaging volume as much as possible, and control the height below 1.6 meters to help customers save transportation costs as much as possible.
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Solution Guarantee

A. 1 year warranty, from the date of shipment.
B. Within the service warranty duration, under the premise of appropriate use the machine,. the supplier will change the damaged parts of the machine (excluding the components that are. very easy to damage) for free
C. Lifelong upkeep. After the totally free guarantee period, if the purchaser can not repair. the device individually, the provider will certainly help the purchaser to do the upkeep. appropriately as well as bill fees.
D. 24 hr telephone or composed consultation solution to resolve technical troubles. in time.
E. After receiving the telephone assessment from the buyer, the vendor will. appoint professional specialist to answer patiently and also give technological assistance within 30.
F. The supplier will educate the purchaser's service technicians in the distributor's factory or online.

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