Inner earloop mask machine debugging process

August 1, 2021
inner earloop face mask

Automatic inner ear mask machine mainly adopts ultrasonic welding method. When the masks are transferred to the processing position, ultrasonic waves will be automatically generated, thus producing micro-amplitude high-frequency vibrations on the ear band. These vibrations will be quickly converted into heat and melted for processing. This is the process used to produce the inner earband masks. Only one staff member is required to complete the job, placing the mask body into the mask tray, and the other steps are performed directly and automatically.

Disposable inner ear masks are a very common type of mask in life. How to debug the inner ear mask machine for producing masks?

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  1. We need to turn on the stop switch and the power switch until the built-in indicator light of the power switch is on.
  2. Then start to adjust the air pressure work. Note that the air pressure valve is under the running table, we can find the air pressure valve by opening the equipment door, and then adjust the pressure according to the specific situation. Note that in general, the working air pressure is usually adjusted in the range of 0.2~0.6MPa.
    3、Whenever the equipment is stopped, first open the ultrasonic generator switch and press the "acoustic detection" switch. If the amplitude indicator on the screen shows a sharp rise and more than 100, it means that the frequency is too far from the resonance point, you need to adjust the "acoustic adjustment" knob in time. Through the naked eye to observe the amplitude display, the left hand in time to press the "sonic test" switch (try not to exceed 3 seconds), and then use the right hand to rotate the "sonic adjustment" knob, the amplitude display of the pointer to lower. When we are adjusting, if the amplitude indicator does not go down but up, we need to turn the "acoustic adjustment" knob in the opposite direction. Try to keep the reading of the amplitude indicator within 50, and then the ammeter indicator reading below 0.6A, which is a good working condition. Then after adjusting the sound wave, we tighten the butterfly nut and remember to close the protective cover.
  3. Then check the cooling fan again, mainly to see if the cooling fan is running properly, this is to make sure the ultrasonic transducer can run for a long time.

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