How to solve the problem of flat mask body machine front and back shift?

March 28, 2021
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In the production process, often encounter flat mask body machine product cutting knife position before and after the movement of the phenomenon, how to solve it? Red tube today to solve your questions. Can take the following ways.

1: produce cutter back and forth shift, the first reason is the fabric into the material, their up force is not uniform, re-adjust the size of up force, so that they are consistent, there is another way is to let each volume of material to increase the automatic up force controller

2: The center of the discharge frame and the host is not in a straight line, use a thin line to recalibrate, let the host and the center of the discharge frame are right until.

3: plane mask body machine supplier tips, the size of the pulling wheel may not be the same size, use a measuring tool to detect whether they are the same, if not, to process them until the size is consistent.

4: The pressure of each flower wheel is not the same, one way is the traditional screw adjustment to make all the pressure even, another way is to change the machine structure and increase the pressure controller to make precision adjustment.

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