How to reduce the failure rate of folding mask machine?

March 15, 2021
Breathing Valve Punching Hole

1, ultrasonic active mask machine is an advanced mechanical control system, through the PLC programming control material to mechanical one-time completion, folding mask machine in the whole production process, just need to feed to complete the operation, which is classified as an active production method, how the initiative and mechanization of the dual combination to become the main point, the ultrasonic active mask machine can be operated by one person all operations, a substantial progress in production efficiency.

2, folding mask machine if the mask machine because of the long operation of functional problems, can ask the relevant staff to repair it, on the one hand to protect the machinery and extend the life, in addition, to protect the mechanical parts from damage, so the maintenance and protection of active mask machine operations, can cut many production problems.

3, folding mask machine in the relevant production staff operation mask machine, not inevitably in the off-duty period of the ultrasonic active mask machine shutdown power off, a comprehensive view of the machinery and cleaning, mask machine on the debris and waste, can use alcohol and detergent cleaning, together with the ability to check whether the mask machine fault and wear, can be on the mask machine line to check, parts, electrical boxes and other equipment on time protection. Folding mask machine

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