Hongguan High Speed Earloop Welding Machine

January 25, 2021
hongguan high speed earloop welding machine
  1. Two stepper motors are used for the ear line.
  2. The scissors are driven by two closed-loop stepping motors. Abandon the original pneumatic scissors and
    solve the problem of continuous shearing due to unstable air pressure.
  3. The wire clamping is controlled by four 400W servo motors, two on the left and two on the right.
  4. The stay wire is controlled by two 400W servo motors, and the left and right stay wires are controlled by inde
    pendent servo motors. The original scheme of single servo motor + coupling is abandoned, and the stability
    isfurther improved.
  5. Press down welding is controlled by 750W servo motor + planetary reducer + eccentric cam. Solve the prob
    lem of unstable pneumatic downforce welding of old equipment.
  6. The clamping claw is pressed down. 750W servo motor + eccentric cam is used to control the four clamping
    claws to press down at the same time and fix the ear line position.
  7. The mask piece is sent forward, and the 750W servo is used to drive the tank belt to send forward.

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