Industrial-Grade Cup Mask Manufacturing Equipment

Our professional-quality cup mask manufacturing machine makes it possible to rapidly scale your production of these masks while cutting down on your spending and manpower needs at the same time. It only takes a single employee to run this machine with a short learning curve. Our comprehensive cup mask machines take care of all elements of the production process including the finalizing, edge sealing, cutting, nose bridge sticking, printing, soldiering, breathing valves, and much, much more. By integrating multiple functions, this machine makes it possible to cut down on the number of equipment you need to produce cup masks. This means fewer expenses and fewer space needs.

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Fully Automatic Cup Mask Making Equipment Specs

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Layers of cloth3-5 layers
Machine Weight2400kgs
Machine MaterialAluminum alloy / steel
Language SystemChinese, English,
Korean and 10 more Languages
Total Electric Consumption16KW
Voltage220V 50/60HZ±10%



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Double Channel Rack

Double fabric axis, forming mask at the same time. 2 waste collectors to increase production speed
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Two-channel Cold Pressing

Twice cold pressing forming, can reach ffp2 standard to increase production speed dual-channel cold pressing
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Double Station Welding Headband

4 ultrasonic dual-station headband welding increase production speed
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Six Gas Tank

Adopt famous Taiwan air tac cylinders and electrical components 

4 times the price of ordinary domestic cylinders
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The Whole Machine Adopts All-steel
Structure + PC Protective Cover

Reduce the vibration of the machine body, reduce the wear and tear of the machine, safety protection during high-speed production
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9 Famous Brands of Ultrasound

15K 2600W 1PCS 28K 800W 2PCS
15K 4200W 2PCS 20K 800W 4PCS
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14Servo Motors+ 10 Stepper Motors

The whole machine adopts 14 servo motors and 10 stepper motors to ensure stable and high-speed production of the machine
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5 Touch Screens

Each installation station has matched a control 
Screen to facilitate timely control of equipment usage
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Technical Parameters Table of Material

NORaw materialInner diameter of reel (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Weight (Kg)Remarks
1180g Needle punched cottonΦ70~Φ80200-220NAMax202 layer
2Melt-blown clothΦ70~Φ80200-220NAMax202 layers
325g non-woven fabricsΦ70~Φ80200-220NAMax201 layer
4Nose bridge strip105~2005±0.20.5~1.0±0.1(1mm is optimal)Max201 reel / material aluminum (roll material width is less than 100mm)
5Ear cordΦ16~Φ403~5NAMax62 reels

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