Automatic mask vending machine in China

August 25, 2021
mask vending machine in China

Automatic mask vending machine

China is still in the normalized stage of epidemic prevention and control, the prevention and control situation is still serious and complex. This is a constant reminder that "wear a mask, wash your hands, ventilate often, and gather less" is still the norm during epidemic prevention and control. But sometimes you go out in a hurry and forget to wear a mask.

face mask vending machine is popular

"I forgot to put on my mask in the morning and was going back to get it when the volunteer on the roadside told me that there is a mask pick-up machine in the lobby of the community's new age civilization practice point, so I can get a mask for free.

Ms. Zhang, under the guidance of volunteers, swept the code to receive an independently packaged disposable medical mask, which solved her urgent problem. "It's really hygienic and convenient."

how to use mask vending machine

In the Yongxin community new era civilization practice point hall, a new intelligent convenient mask vending machine attracted the attention of community residents.

This convenient mask vending machine is the first free mask machine put in.

automatic mask vending machine

Residents can receive 3 masks for the first time, and then receive 1 mask per day, which can be replenished immediately after receiving. 2000 masks can be put in every day, which solves the "urgent problem" of people forgetting to bring masks when they go out, and also provides an "epidemic umbrella" for the surrounding residents.

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