Automatic disposable flat mask machine how to debug

April 5, 2021


automatic flat mask making machine

How to debug the flat mask machine, the following we will talk about in detail.

  First, open the start-stop switch and power switch, power switch built-in light on.

  Second, adjust the air pressure: air pressure valve in the worktable plate below, open the door plate of the equipment you can see the air pressure valve. Adjust the pressure according to the actual situation. When some bodies move out of sync, adjust the pressure more. The working air pressure is generally adjusted within the range of 0.2~0.6MPa.

Flat mask machine

  Third, the sound wave test adjustment: (when the equipment is in stop operation)

  (1) open the ultrasonic generator power switch, press the "sound wave test" switch, such as the amplitude monitor indicators rise sharply and more than 100, it means that the frequency is too far from the resonance point, you must adjust the "sound wave adjustment" knob. Visual amplitude display, left hand press the "sound wave test" check switch (do not exceed 3 seconds), the right hand rotate the "sound wave adjustment" knob, the amplitude display pointer to the lowest point. When adjusting the amplitude display indicator is not down, but up, then turn the "tone adjustment" knob in the opposite direction. Amplitude monitor indicator reading within 50, the current meter indicator reading below 0.6 A is the best working condition. After adjusting the sound wave to tighten the butterfly nut, and close the protective cover.

  (2) no-load test, such as "overload indicator" is on, it means the equipment has problems. At this time is not allowed to work on the machine, must be shut down to check the reasons, and only after the troubleshooting work.

  Fourth, the cooling fan test: check whether the cooling fan is working properly to ensure that the ultrasonic transducer can work for a long time when working.

  Fifth, check the pneumatic components.

  (1) Turn on the power, connect the air circuit, and switch the manual automatic switch to manual gear.

  (2) Open the material tray switch, check whether the material tray can run quickly and stably and position accurately. After checking, close the material tray switch.

  (3) Open the switch of mask clamping and feeding jig, check whether the mask clamping and feeding jig can operate normally. After checking, close the mouthpiece clamping and feeding jig switch.

  (4) Turn on the material collecting cylinder switch and check whether the material collecting cylinder is operating normally. After checking, turn off the collecting cylinder switch.

  (5) Open the edge band fusion switch to see if the edge band pressure die can be pressed down normally.

  (6) Open the right switch of the lug belt rotation to see if the right rotating cylinder moves and is in place.

  (7) Open the left switch of the ear belt rotation to see if the left rotating cylinder moves and is in place.

  (8) Open the ear belt cutting switch, check whether the small cylinder of ear belt cutting is working and can reach the designated cutting position.

  (9)Open the ear belt rewind switch and check whether the ear belt rewind small cylinder can work normally and can make the ear belt clip block loose.

  (10) Open the earband fusion switch and check whether the earband press die can work and reach the specified position.

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