Adult flat mask machine can be changed to children's mask machine?

May 10, 2021
kids KN95 mask machine only 7sets in stock standard knife roller August 15 2021 3

  Can the adult flat mask machine be changed to a children's mask machine? The result is no.

  Children have to wear special masks for children, the size specifications and adult masks are different, because the children's faces are smaller and more rounded general adult masks for children can not play a protective role, and children are not used to wearing masks, so children's masks in addition to the quality of higher requirements and appearance patterns should be vivid and interesting, so that children's masks children will love to wear masks.

  Adult mask machine modified to children's mask machine, need to modify the adjustment of too many parts, the cost is too high, after the change, the use is not known, the cost is equal to or slightly higher than remanufacturing a children's mask machine, so, adult plane mask machine can not be changed to children's mask machine

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